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WordPress-Plugin: 2012 Summary

Summary 2012I’ve adapted this Plugin from 2010 Summary by Tomasz Topa
Now it generates a summary of your WordPress blog for the year 2012.
See how many posts you wrote during the ending year, which were the most popular, who was the most active commenter etc.
And then share the stats with your readers – copy the data to a new draft with a single click.

The plugin is currently developed on github and hosted in the WordPress plugin directory.


Add option to choose year

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  1. Dear,
    Let me introduce myself. My name is Borisa Djuraskovic. I am associated with Web Hosting Hub community team.

    I found your 2012 Summary plugin at very interesting. I would like to translate it to my native Serbo-Croatian language and help people from my community find your plugin useful too. But you would need to create the translatable .pot file first in order for me to proceed. Please let me know if you are willing to do that so I can translate it.

    Borisa Djuraskovic

    • I think we have already contact by mail. You can get the code on and create a pot by yourself. But I don’t maintain the pluin anymore. In the future there will be a new plugin.

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